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By Alan J. Pierce EdD
SelfieStick (GoTech Ion)
MSRP $ 24.99
At every tourist site today you see people using a “selfie stick with their smartphone to take self portraits. The selfie stick is a generic name for a device that extends your reach allowing more people or scenery into your self portrait. These devices vary in price and quality and they are made by many different manufacturers.
If you are planning to purchase one you should look for a selfie stick that is:
·Structurally sound so it can safely hold your cellphone when it is fully extended
·Has a very small foot print when fully closed so it is not a pain to carry around when not in use.
·Has a spring loading system for easy and quick smartphone loading and unloading.
·Has built-in Bluetooth and a rechargeable battery.
· Has a telescoping arm that has a system to prevent the sections from rotating out of alignment to prevent your cellphone from twisting around the extended pole.

Reasons to Drool

The GoTech Ion ( has all of the above features. It fully folds down to 7.8 inches and fully extends 35 inches. Its spring loaded smartphone holder worked nicely with small as well as very large Smartphones.

Not so Cool

When not using it you will need to store it but have quick access to it when a photo opportunity requires it. They should have included a strap clip that could be used to attach the selfie stick to a backpack, pocketbook strap, or pants belt when it is not in use.