My Charge Adventure H2O 10050 Review (MSRP $49.99)

The H2O model adds waterproof to a long list of features. With a rubberized outer layer and a waterproof sealing cover that when closed it can keep water, dust, and sand out of the ports.

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Lingolet One Language Translator Review (MSRP $99.00)

Lingolet is capable of handling quick unlimited translations between twelve languages. It also uses artificial intelligence to turn Lingolet recordings into translated transcripts.It can work with the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, or Thai. It can serve you and the person you are speaking to as your personal translator.

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Corvid-19 – Smartphone Contact Tracing an MIT, Apple and Google Collaboration
August 2020

     To accomplish person to person contact tracking so it is completely anonymous, MIT is collaborating with Apple and Google to build an Application Programming Interface (API) that approved programmers will use to build apps that can perform anonymous contact tracing automatically.  See photo.
     MIT’s targeting strategy uses a smartphone’s Bluetooth signal, that are technically called chirps, to identify and anonymously collect smartphone proximity data by catching every close smartphone’s chirp. For the full story click the link below.

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Elon Musk’s Neuralink
Getting Ready for Human Trials
September/October 2020

Musk’s Neuralink medical implant received a coveted FDA breakthrough device designation which is a major step forward toward human trials and eventually bringing Neuralink to market. At a very recent live streamed event, Elon Musk showed off what Neuralink can now do as he tried to entice the best and brightest young engineers to join his team to take Neuralink to the next level. He was not only looking for engineers but also people with experience bringing a product to market.

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Toyota’s Woven City of the Future
No one will be allowed to drive cars!
March-April 2020

     At CES 2020 I attended the Toyota press conference and I expected a presentation that would focus on automobiles. The company’s President and CEO, Akio Toyoda, see photo 1, told us how Toyota is ready to break ground on building an entirely new smart city of the future. In this city no one will be allowed to drive cars. They are ready to break ground now and the city is being built in the shadow of Mt Fuji.
·Completely out of sight below all of these structures and courtyards an underground city will also exist where…
·For Toyota this city will be a human occupied laboratory where…

Full story has 7 photos and 2 video links
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The Harry Potter Cloak is no Longer Science Fiction 
January/February 2020

On October 8, 2019 HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp announced to the world that they have patented their Quantum Stealth cloaking material. Just like the Harry Potter’s cloak in the movies their Quantum Stealth works by bending light around an object rendering it invisible. My column explains how it works, includes photos, and HyperStealth video links showing how it makes objects seem to disappear.
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Alice the All Electric Commercial Airplane
November/December 2019

Eviation is an Israeli based company with a new all electric regional airplane that can fly 621 nautical miles, at 240 knots, on a single electric charge; at the very low cost of two hundred dollars per hour of flight time.
     Photo 1 shows Alice at this year’s Paris Air Show and its shape is as radically different from conventional airplanes as the power source that drives its engines.  engine is mounted at the end of the fuselage. The full story includes how it is powered, what its artificial intelligent pilot can handle, more photos, power system, how the engines locations change flight characteristics, and what US company just purchased a full fleet of this new airplane and what routes it will soon fly.
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The Aquanaut Transformer
October 2019

The movie Bumblebee tells the story of a transforming robot that shape shifts into a 1957 yellow Volkswagen Beetle. This Aquanaut Transformer is real and it shape shifts between a submarine and a humanoid robot. See photos 1 and 3. Its submarine shape allows it to quickly move through the water and when it shape shifts it is a very powerful robot. The full story is amazing.

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MyCharge Hub Turbo Review  (MSRP $89.99 & $109.99)

    The Turbo series is MyCharge's fastest charging batteries. The Turbo 10050 has 10050 mAh battery,built in lightening cable, USB-C cable, and a USB-A recharging port that you can use with your own charging cable.

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OWC’s Thunderbolt 3 Pro Dock Review (MSRP $328.99)

     The OWC Thunderbolt 3 Pro Dock, see photo 1, is designed to be used by professionals who need to increase the number and types of ports on their PC or Mac. Their type of use will need a dock that has a cooling fan to handle the heat that will be created by the power draw of the many different peripherals they will be using at the same time.
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D-Link DCS-8600LH Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera Review (MSRP $159.99)

    D-Link’s DCS-8300LH is an outdoor HD WiFi security camera with a 137 degree view of its surroundings. This camera in hot, cold, snow, or rain will record video and audio when it detects motion in its viewing area. It has two way audio so you could be thousands of miles away and hold a conversation with the person who triggered the motion.
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D-Link Security Camera DCS8300LH Review (MSRP $ 69.99)

     D-Link’s DCS-8300LH is a HD WiFi security camera. This camera records in 1080p resolution so you will have no problem recognizing people or animals in the videos that it records during the day. The manual indicates that the camera’s night vision can actually see 16 feet in total darkness. I installed the camera at the top of a staircase and I was very disappointed by the camera’s night image.
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Millimeter Waves Can Bore Geothermal Wells 
November/December 2020

     AltaRock Energy recently received a 3.9 million grant from the US Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency to further develop Full Bore Millimeter Wave technology. Their project partner Quaise is an MIT spin off  and together they are adapting the millimeter wave cutting technology that was developed at MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center.
     If you could bore a hole straight down into our planet to a depth of 6 to 12 miles you would reach hellish temperatures; the perfect depth to tap geothermal energy.

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Zhiyun Smooth Xs Gimbal Review(MSRP $74.99)

The Smooth Xs is a smartphone accessory that combines a selfie stick, tabletop tripod, and a two axis stabilization gimbal. A video is worth a 1000 words and when this one is combined with the full print review you could be ready to make educated decision if this is the product you want to purchase for yourself or your children.

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A Jet Engine Prototype Fueled by Microwaved Ionized Air
January/February 2021

     A recent research laboratory breakthrough created a small prototype jet engine that was powered by a stream of ordinary ionized compressed air. The photo shows you the small jet engine propelling thrust.
     To create thrust from ordinary air the researchers sent the compressed air through a a “2.45 GHz magnetron microwave reaction chamber” where the microwave energy ionized the air, pressurized it, and heated it so it flowed into the engine as 1,000 degree Centigrade (1,832 Fahrenheit) plasma. 

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CES January 11th – 14th 2021
was a fully Virtual Event this year
     The pandemic has moved this year's CES event from Las Vegas to a digital format of online virtual meetings and videos. To bring CES to you our CES 2021 webpage will include daily updates so you can see many of the new products that companies will be introducing in the weeks ahead.

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Augmented Vision through a
Contact Lens
March/April 2021

     The CES 2021 Last Gadget Standing Event winner was the Mojo Vision AR Contact Lens. Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that superimposes computer-generated images or information onto a user's view of the real world. Mojo Vision has actually micro-sized this technology so it fits into a contact lens. See photos 1 and 2. One advantage instantly gained by moving AR so it sits directly over the retina of the eye is automatic eye tracking for proper placement of images and information into images of the real world.

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Creating Oxygen and Rocket Fuel on Mars
May/June 2021

     We need oxygen to breathe and for people to live on Mars they will need oxygen for respiration. They will also need oxygen to fuel their rockets or astronauts will never be able to return to earth. To blast off the red planet, a rocket would need an enormous quantity of rocket fuel (15,000 lbs) and even a greater quantity of oxygen (55,000 lbs). The goal is to eventually be able to manufacture both oxygen and rocket fuel, in the needed quantities, using Martian indigenous materials.

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ZVOX AV157 Sound Bar with AccuVoice
Dialogue Boost-Review
NEW (MSRP $199.00)

ZVOX 157 sound bar is capable of increasing your ability to hear actors’ dialogue by using the same technology found in a hearing aid. This product review provides you with an understanding of how it brings voices forward so you can hear them. The review also rates its effectiveness. The YouTube video that is linked in the review, allows you to see and hear ZVOX’s AccuVoice and SuperVoice in action.

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BeHear PROXY a Game Changing Audio Wearable
(MSRP $189.00)

PROXY is a personal sound system that allows the audio from any Bluetooth device to be heard through stereo enhanced neck speakers or retractable earbuds. So if you are just tired of stuffing earbuds into your ears or getting sweaty ears from earphones during, exercising, gaming or online classes PROXY is for you. If you are slightly hard of hearing you will definitely be interested in the features of the W&H app that empowers PROXY with hearing aid functionality.

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Nooie Cam Doorbell NEW Review (MSRP $149.99)

Nooie Cam Doorbell serves as a sentry ready to inform you if it spots a person within a certain number of feet from your front door. Nooie, of course, is also a doorbell that lets you set the ringer volume and the sound that the chimes will play when a person presses the bell.

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Elon Musk’s Tunnel Vision
August/September 2021

Elon Musk’s newest idea is to send physical cars, in congested cities, underground so their occupants can move from point A to Point B quickly avoiding the traffic that exists on the local streets above. In Las Vegas Nevada his vision of sending people in cars through tunnels is now a sure bet since the first system with multiple stops is now open and running forty feet below city traffic.

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OWC USB-C Travel Docks Reviews (USB-C E MSRP $64.99 and USB-C $54.99)

OWC has two new travel dock products that look exactly alike. They differ by $10.00 in price. The USB-C E Dock has 6 ports and their USB-C Dock has 5 ports. They were reviewed a month apart. The only difference between the two units is the cheaper one does not have an Ethernet port and it is physically a Ľ inch thinner. My suggestion read both reviews and then decide which one best meets your needs.

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Fauna Eyeglasses
Combine Sight and Sound

October 2021

Fauna eyeglasses have integrated into their frames Bluetooth technology plus Micro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) beam forming microphones and speakers. This allows the wearer to make and receive phone calls or listen to music without anything in their ears. The Fauna frames are physically light in weight (1.8 ounces) even though they are loaded with micro sized electronic components.
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Timekettle WT2 Plus Wearable Translator Review (MSRP $179.99)

It would be nice to have a universal translator similar to the Sci-Fi one made famous on the TV show Star Trek. The company Timekettle is trying to meet this need and this review describes my  testing and opinion on the functionality of their  WT2 Plus Earbud translator. See photos 1. This translation system has three modes and the company indicates it is capable of translating between 40 different languages.

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Flood Proofing Homes Using Amphibious Construction NEW
November/December 2021

     Since the start of this century the number of people worldwide that are now living in a flood zone has increased by 24 percent. There is a need to engineer
flood adaptation construction strategies that could allow people to comfortably build or rebuild their homes so that they can safely live in dry homes even in areas that tend to frequently flood.
     In this column we will look at two solutions that allow a home to move vertically out of the way of rising flood waters. This amazing house can stay horizontally in the same place while it moves eight feet + vertically to stay above flooding waters.

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Scosche PowerUp 600 Torch Review (MSRP $129.99)      
The PowerUp is a flashlight, power supply to recharge your devices, and a vehicle jump starter. It is the perfect power device to add to the emergency kit in your car.
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Jabra Elite 7 Active (MSRP $179.99)
Jabra indicates that these earbuds have an “ultimate active fit” that is created by their unique ShakeGrip™ technology. The first thing I discovered testing them is they do feel very secure in my ears.
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