New NYC Interactive Art Landmark
Climb 2,500 Steps to Breathtaking Views
(Published November 2017 in TechDirections Magazine)
By Alan J. Pierce EdD
Staircases Only Go Up and Down
The Only Destination is the View
     Hudson Yards is a 20 billion mega construction project that is now under construction in NYC. At the center of this 21st century mini city, in an open to the public 5 acre park like setting, they are now building the structure shown in photo 2.
     It is not a building and has no stores. It is an observation tower that will become a NYC landmark for tourists and New Yorkers to visit. Vessel is designed as interactive art for people
to climb. Since Vessel has no floors to anchor its staircases, it is a unique construction project. 
     Vessel has been designed so it will look like it defies gravity. It will have a relatively small footprint at its foundation. From this base diameter each level spirals a little further out as its staircases and landings climb 16 stories into the air. For the full story with video links just click below for the TechDirections PDF.
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