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    Professor Katia Bertoldi and her team of researchers at Harvard University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) have recently developed a mathematical transformational technology that completely automates finding the best way to form a flat material into a form that can be shape shifted to perform a number of different functions.
     Using this technology a designer or engineer would provide all the size and shape parameters that needs to be achieved when the object transforms from one shape into another. The program quickly finds all the possible solutions and then selects the solution that conforms to the parameters of size and shape that the researchers want as an output.
     Hypothetically using this technology you could create a habitat for astronauts that folds down flat to be transported on a flight to Mars.  It can also be used to create a medical device that is so small it could be fed into the human body through veins, arteries, or the smallest of incisions.
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Three Dimensional Transformers
This technology
is equally successful at transforming the
outer form of a material regardless of its size.

(Published February 2018 in TechDirections Magazine)
By Alan J. Pierce EdD
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