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Microsoft's is taking data storage out of the clouds and bringing it underwater!

     Today most of us have our digital life (work done on computers and smartphones) stored or backed-up in the clouds. These clouds are warehouse size computer datacenters that are usually located in low rent areas with access to cheaper electricity and a very fast connection to the Internet. Indirectly they provide service to you since your digital life ends up on their servers from Microsoft, Google, or Apple when you backup your computer and smartphone. Just in case you feel none of your data is in the cloud, because you backup everything locally, all financial institutions and the US government all use off-site secure cloud storage. For the full story just click the link for a pdf of the magazine column.
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To view a Youtube Microsoft Video on Natick: <>
Cloud Storage is Going
The judges of the World Changing Ideas Awards committee selected Project Natick as a 2017 finalist for their innovative approach to cloud storage.
Microsoft’s Project Natick
(Published April 2018 in TechDirections Magazine)