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Shelley Pierce -
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     At CES 2018 IBM introduced their 50 Qubits Q which is their most powerful operational quantum computer. This machine, which is shown in photo 1, was more than just a prototype because on March 6, 2018 IBM announced that production of the IBM Q will soon begin and scientists will not have to wait for their university to purchase one to use it. When a quantum computer qubits chip has enough qubits to surpass the processing power, in every way, of a conventional supercomputer the dream of quantum superiority will be achieved. Links in this column will take you to appropriate places at IBM for beginners and also computer experts so all can fully engage with this new technology.
     Many of the systems that are visible in photo 1 are part of a cryogenic cooling system that allows the computerís processor to operate at near absolute zero temperatures (absolute zero equals minus 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit).
Quantum Computer Supremacy is just...
The IBM Q 50 Qubits Quantum Computer
Published May 2018 in TechDirections Magazine
A Youtube IBM Video on Q: <>
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